IOT Marathon

The company has decided to conduct an IOT Marathon. It is a part of our Innovation Team – Outreach Programme. We at Indicold are looking forward to expanding our innovation team step by step.

The IOT Marathon has been conducted with an outreach to different universities. We have currently 35 students enrolled into the programme. An intensive 2 month programme to Ideate, Invent, Test and Implement a relevant technology in cold storage warehousing and logistics.

The teams have been divided into different teams – Violet, Blue, Red, Yellow and Brown.

The teams are working on towards the following solutions.

  1. Team Violet – Complete IOT Pack for a Refrigerated Vehicle ( Temperature, Humidity, Door Open/Close, Vehicle Position, Vehicle Speed, etc )
  2. Team Violet – Implementing security measures for the shipments using RFID and OTP
  3. Team Red – Making an Automatic Guided Vehicle for pick and placement of Pallets from dock to buffer area in a warehouse ( Line following, Wireless Control and Object Recognition using Camera )
  4. Team Cyan – IOT sensors for a cold storage chamber ( Temperature, Humidity, Light, etc ) – Wifi enabled with online cloud application.
  5. Team Cyan – IOT sensor for detecting Ammonia leakage in a warehouse.
  6. Team Brown – IOT sensors for knowing the freshness of the fruits and vegetables in the warehouse chamber.
  7. Team Brown – Ensuring safety and security in dock area using IOT sensors and Object detection mechanisms.
  8. Team Yellow – Safety Button/ Switch for the cold storage chamber.

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