The Story of Indicold

Our story started much before we conceived Indicold in 2019.With generations, passing on the baton of understanding of cold chain business since 1946, we found ourselves naturally learning the nuances of the Indian Cold Chain Industry.

Automation is the Future

As we embarked on this exciting journey, we realized that the Indian cold chain industry is grappling with fragmentation of supply, compromised locations and absence of standardization of processes. Our interactions with customers highlighted that the customer experience was very poor and basic hygiene expectations of temperature were heavily compromised and a distant reality. Existing cold chain infrastructures were under and inefficiently utilized, and customers struggle with limited access to world class infrastructure.

At this point, our deep understanding, experience and knowledge about the intricacies of the cold chain industry of India has served as a clear vision for developing in house proprietary powerful tech solutions. Our future ready tech tools hand hold our customers at every step, on one hand, while on the other offer complete transparency and track ability at any given time and maintaining the requisite temperature across the chain.

At Indicold, we have adopted a holistic approach to demand and supply and the goal is to provide service at par with global standards. We are solving this problem by organizing the fragmented cold chain infrastructure and providing a seamless one stop demand and supply-side experience and service. It makes inventory discoverable and usable, while providing a standardized and trusted experience to cold chain customers. The outcome is clearly an enriched customer experience backed by standardized SOPs and intelligent and innovative tech solutions ensuring efficacy, cost efficacy and peace of mind.

Indicold has the honor of serving the very same clients year after year. We at Indicold have endeavored to deliver customer delight from day one. As Indicold has grown so has our ability and offerings we have continuously innovated for our customers and find that our customers have continued to prefer us as their cold chain partner year after year.

With a small team of 5 people to a family of more than 50 today, our team is our backbone. Their relentless pursuit to keep moving forward and challenging their own set goals makes them unparalleled and encourages us to do better.

At Indicold, we endeavor is to democratize the cold chain by leveraging new data points to pinpoint and fix supply chain hiccups, maintain the integrity and safety of infrastructure, and improve predictability and reliability with end to end visibility.

A vision for Safe food chains and good health propels us to march forward, create and innovate.


Years of Experience


Handled Yearly


Year on Year Growth

The motivation

Safe future for our next generation.

Enable the world around us to better safer food and healthcare.

Community Cold Chain

Community based cold chain is the sustainable future that we are moving towards.

Climate Change

One of the leading causes of climate change is greenhouse emissions by rotting fruits and vegetables. This is much more than all other reasons combined. Cold Chain can directly help make a difference here.

Our Services

Indicold provides Store, Move and Prepare Services

Storage Solutions

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Integrated Solutions

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Strategic Solutions

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