Hi, We take care of all your end to end cold chain needs.

Temperature controlled warehousing and logistics including Frozen, Chilled, Ambient for Food, Pharma, Chemical, Sensitive Products, Long Term Storage, Environment Controlled Storage, etc.

What we do

We Help Our Clients Have Seamless Cold Chain.

Storage Solutions

Temperature controlled single commodity storages, Controlled Atmosphere cold storages, Pharma Cold Storages, etc.

Integrated Solutions

Refrigerated Transportation, Dry Transportation, Air Cargo, Sea, etc.

Strategic Solutions

Clearing and Forwarding Services, Picking, Stickering, IQF, Blast Freezing, Sourcing, Planning, etc.

5 Cr+ people across India consume food through the Indicold network.

About us

Our Story

It has been a step by step movement towards achieving a shared goal of our team to enable safe food and great health care for all.

Our Vision

“To enable every person access to nutritious food and safe healthcare.”

Our Mission

“To bring the best experience for all stakeholders by making cold chain agile, innovative, efficient, reliable, transparent and accessible.”

Goal to have 100+ live locations

Across India in 2 years

The counters

Key Metrics of Growth

Positively and sustainably impacting the world around us one step at a time.


Trips every month


YOY Growth

Here are some frequently asked questions

Please email at hello@indicold.in for any further questions.

How can you partner with Indicold?

There are various modes of engagement across Store, Move or Prepare. You can login on to the platform or connect with partner@indicold.in for more information regarding the process of connecting. Our executive will reach back to you and assist you with the process for onboarding onto the platform.

What does Indicold mean?

Indicold is essentially seamless cold chain. Consistently “In D Cold” :). The other meaning is India + Cold.

How old is Indicold?

Indicold was established in 2019. The team running Indicold is from the industry and has been associated with cold chain since 1946. We are new but with old roots.

Why Indicold and not another of the 3500 different cold chain players in India?

We are transparent, innovative, reliable and efficient. We literally think out of the box and keep on innovating in our endeavour to give our customers a great experience.

News, Blog & Stories

Common Feed

  • Three degrees of change towards a sustainable cold chain future


    The proposed 3°C increase in the temperature at which frozen foods are stored aims to make the global food chain more sustainable by significantly reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions. This change, from the traditional -18°C to -15°C, is backed by research from institutions like Cranfield University, the University of Birmingham, and the International…

ILWEA Best Startup in Cold Chain Services 2023 to INDICOLD

For Their Never Say Die Spirit,Bringing in A Transparent, Seamless Operation

Dr. Rakesh Singh

Chairman, ISCM