Why choose Indicold to move your cold and dry goods ?

500+ Customers trust Indicold Move Team for their lorry or trucking needs across the country.

Transparent Pricing

Our team helps you get the best deals online or offline. Direct connection with truck owners helps to reduce unnecessary expenditure and maximize your earnings.

Extensive POD Network

Indicold has a vast proof of delivery network to collect PODs across the country and deliver to the customer at the earliest within 10 days of the trip.

World-class Support

Indicold provides personalized, world-class support to ensure your business is never affected.

  • Dedicated support team available 24/7.
  • Tailored transportation solutions for unique needs and requirements.
  • Temperature monitored through IOT devices.
  • Dedicated trucking for your custom requirements.

Save Cost & Time

Indicold helps save time and costs through efficient transportation services.

  • Faster delivery times through optimized routing and real-time tracking.
  • Reduced costs through competitive bidding and efficient use of resources.

Bullet points

Standard Truck Quality

Access to a large network of 10,000+ verified trucks from 4,000+ approved truck owners.

Verified drivers with secured insurance coverage to ensure the safety and security of your goods.

Get half the amount after loading and the balance amount after the delivery of goods.

We support you at every stage of the truck transport service, from booking the truck to loading, in-transit, unloading, and proof of delivery submission.