Promotion of Horticulture at Village Sondhad, Haryana

Promotion of Horticulture at Village Sondhad, Haryana

Under the aegis of Dr. B. S. Sehrawat, Director, Haryana Horticulture Department, the department organised an event for promotion of Horticulture at Village Sondhad near Hodal. The aim of the meet was to encourage farmers to come forward and adopt Horticulture crops. Different speakers at the venue gave different insights. A scientist ascertained that the crops do not require much water and can be grown profitably even with tanker water. He ascertained that soil testing is the most important thing before making a choice regarding planting of crop. Mr. Kartik Jalan, COO, Kailash Agro Cold Storage, also spoke on the different kinds of new techniques which are available to the farmer for storage of horticulture crops like Tomato, so as to enable them to get the best price by waiting and selling at the right time. He shared Kailash Agro’s experiences and encouraged farmers to seriously evaluate the vision of Dr. B. S. Sehrawat for helping farmers double their income from their farm lands. 

Dr. Sehrawat also shared practical stories and instances of how people have excelled by adopting Horticulture crops. He also brought to the notice of the audience that since the area was very near Delhi, which is a huge market. The people of the village should really work towards improving their incomes by adopting Horticulture crops. Only 18% of Delhi’s demands are met by crops from Haryana.

People also pointed out that their main issue is with less or no availability of water. Majority of the speakers pointed out that drip irrigation and other new techniques are available which enable these crops to get viable. The farmers were informed on different kinds of technologies and encouraged to approach the departmental officials for guidance in this regard.

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