We Prepare

We understand that Pharma has to be handled with the special care it deserves maintaining standards and isolation which is necessary to ensure the potency of the stored product remains intact. Our innovative in-house solutions of for transporting and storing temperature sensitive products helps us offer you a service paradigm which is unmatched in our industry.



We know food doesn’t always arrive at its destination in the same form it was grown or produced. Indicold is your creative, forward-thinking partner in processing your product, packaging your product and even improving your product’s quality. Quite simply, Indicold’s unique set of solutions offers you an integrated alternative that streamlines getting your products to market.

Core Products & Services

Qualified Shipping Solutions

We provide validated thermal packaging solutions, ensuring temperature consistency during the entire life cycle.

Co-Pack, Repack & Packaging

Providing convenience and scalability without the complexity.


Simplifying your supply chain while saving time and reducing costs.

On-Site Processing

Setting up shop in our facilities to streamline your product’s supply chain.

IOT Monitoring

Indicators to Data loggers, all possible solutions required for your cold chain needs.

Insulated Containers

All types of containers from polyurethane, EPS Moulded, EPS Panel and Insulated Environments


PCM, Bottles, Gel, etc. all required media to keep thermal packaging consistency.

Food Manufacturing

Designing bespoke state-of-the-art solutions to bring your product to life.

Additional Services

Thermal Packaging Design & Qualification

We work to create cost effective, validated thermal solutions to maximise client logistic efficiencies utilising maximum available space.

Ambient Temperature Profile Analysis

Indicold can guide your team through ambient temperature profile selection, analysis, comparison, and development.

Cold Chain Best Practices & Gap Analysis

With a strong understanding of global industry regulations, guidance and best practices, Indicold can provide a technical and quality assessment of your temperature sensitive distribution process.

Defrosting / Tempering

Rely on Indicold to increase the temperature of your frozen products with scientific precision, safely ensuring your products reach your customers in the right condition at the right time.


Trust Indicold to assemble your product to specification, streamlining your process and delivering a high-quality outcome for you and your customer.


Use our Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) process to ensure the product that reaches your customer maintains, to the greatest extent possible, its original shape, color, smell and taste.

Produce Ripening

Leverage Indicold’s advanced produce ripening capabilities to bring your product to optimal ripeness in a controlled environment, maximising quality and reducing the amount of your product lost to waste.

X-Ray Technology

Use our high-tech, non-destructive approach to reduce waste and offer the highest quality for your customers; X-rays can detect contamination, foreign materials and mis-packaging without causing damage to your product.