NVAC – National Vaccine Cold Chain

The focus of the National Vaccine Cold Chain Mission

  1. Understanding the current National Vaccine Distribution Network. – Work will be divided between district level, state level coordinators and existing information available online from varied states and centre’s will be collated to form the current landscape.
  2. Connecting with the relevant stakeholders
  3. Understanding the shortcomings of the existing supply chain
  4. Identifying the gaps to be addressed and identifying possible hub locations and distribution locations on a national, state and district levels.
  5. Helping the infrastructure volunteering to become part of the network to meet the guidelines as set by the government for vaccine distribution in India

Our endeavour to do this, stems from the fact that we want to use our knowledge and expertise in the cold chain sector to help the community in these dire circumstances by working to prepare for the distribution requirement that we can foresee coming in the months to come.

We call out to all out there students, entrepreneurs, startups, health professionals, vaccine companies, cold storage owners, logistic companies, independent professionals, volunteers to come and register to become part of this initiative.

Your effort will be focused. Our aim is to divide the work amongst us in small parts and focus on collecting and then sharing the information amongst the group members and then collating and sharing amongst the national working group of experts. The idea is that in the next 9 to 12 months we help the system close any gaps in the existing landscape.

All data will be shared on a readonly google drive as opensource for any one to use.