Indicold Partner Program

Indicold believes in "Together we achieve more".

The founders have themselves have gone through the journey of setting up a white elephant that typically investors in the cold chain community go through. The journey of filling up that cold storage is why Indicold started. Indicold is here to help all other entrepreneurs out their making there own story in the cold chain business.

We help the partners better utilise their existing infrastructures. We help them become a part of a national network which enables them to give their customers a Pan-India service through Indicold Network locations.

The Indicold Partner Program is not only for store assets but move and prepare assets.

The Network has more than 615 cold storages, spread across the length and breadth of the country.

The Indicold Network had taken pause a year back on expansion and is starting again its process of accepting new locations. 

Please signup and then register your assets as a partner.