Fumigation of Cold Storage Chambers

Fumigation of Cold Storage Chambers

Fumigation is a method of pest control. It is done in cold storages by introducing a gaseous mixture of pesticides or fumigants in an enclosed area. It is the most effective way of reaching pests in remote areas.are “wide-spectrum” pesticides, killing all species of arthropods and rodents that are likely to be found in a building. Fumigants penetrate to many areas of a building not reached by sprays or dusts, even penetrating to the burrows of wood-infesting insects, as well as to the center of tightly packed commodities, such as tobacco in hogsheads, bales, cases or grain in large silos or bulking bins. A fumigant gas generally does not leave unsightly, odorous, or hazardous residues.

All fumigants are highly toxic and require trained personnel for application. Anyone handling fumigants should be thoroughly familiar with application procedures, safety equipment, first-aid treatment, and disposal procedures. At least two people should always be present when using fumigants and both should have the proper respiratory equipment for the particular fumigant being used.

Please find below a some pictures of the fumigation process.

WARNING: The fumigant chemicals are extremely hazardous and requires trained personnel. Kindly please do not do fumigation without adequate experience and knowledge in the same.

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