175+ Volunteers taking the POCCO Intiative forward – Status Update

It has been a very heartening response for the POCCO Initiative from the Student community specially. We are patiently waiting for students exams to get over this week. So, that we can begin the second phase which is conducting surveys of the various stakeholders.

With the survey we hope to identify the stakeholders capabilities, problems and possible solutions that might help them bring in more efficiency and reliability in the potato value chain.

During the past weeks, a number of students namely, the POCCO Coordinators, have risen up to the responsibility of taking the initiative forward. As a volunteer run program, this is what makes the whole program so awesome.

Some POCCO Coordinators who have been making noteworthy contributions are mentioned below :-

  1. Sri Vidhya Panchatcharam
  2. Devesh Kumar
  3. Zaman Almas
  4. Nikhil Bhatia
  5. Manjari Sharma
  6. Padma Priya K

The coordinators also organised the first Webinar of the initiative with the CEO of AllroundVp in India. Mr. Maheshwar Dutt Sharma was very gracious in his time and gave lots of interesting insights to all the POCCO volunteers. We are looking forward to coming weeks of more such learning exercise online.

Some volunteers have been very hardworking and deserve a note able mention in creating the survey forms, etc. The students are listed below.

  1. UP Team – Ananyo, Pratik, Riya, Varsha, Tumpa, Divyank Raj, Mukesh, Shreetu, Shrishti, Goldy, Iftekhar and Atul Kumar
  2. Gujarat Team – Alman, Reema, Sakshi, Vishaka, Delcy, Saloni, Pooja, Soutrick, Akansha, Dhanraj, Antra, Jagatbir, Jeslyn and Donepudi
  3. Punjab & Haryana Team – Avantika, Atul, Prarthana, Rishita, Khushi and Rashmi
  4. West Bengal Team – Abishek Pathak

( Please Note – Coordinators from other state teams had to share their team data at the time of writing of this update. )

We are currently in the process to enter into an MOU with CPRI. Lets see how it goes. Keeping our fingers crossed.

The team also began a new Linkedin group exclusively for the POCCO volunteers. This will enable us to get everyone aligned faster.

I am confident consistent effort will help us bring about positive change in the potato value chain.

Signing off for now and will be connecting soon in the coming days and weeks.